Waking Gaia Is Done. Well, Sorta.

Oh, man, what a relief.

After way too many months (years?) of revisions and mental blocks, I’m happy to say that Waking Gaia‘s pilot has been revised such that I can live with it. It may not be perfect, but to paraphrase one Henry James, imperfection shan’t deny it the opportunity to be excellent. (Besides, Westworld has proven that you can write shit and still be successful.) The caveat to all of this is being that, in revising, I expanded the pilot into a two parter. Let’s just say part two is a ways off from completion, but nevertheless, I’m happy to be moving forward with the story.

Why has all of this taken so long? Well, it’s several factors. One being that I’ve had to go back and add camera angles and descriptions throughout the whole thing. Last year I bought Christy Marx’s “Writing for Animation, Comics, and Games,” which helped me on that front, but finding ways to add in the shots without disrupting the flow of the writing really challenged me. I’m still not sure I did it right, but whatever. I think it’ll work. Beyond that, I scrapped five pages of pointless character exposition, switched my focus from one character to another, added new characters, condensed others, and overall I think the story is tighter and works better.


I’m hoping to get to work on part two shortly, but until then, thought I’d offer you all a peek at my writing. I’ll put a few sample pages of the script up on the Waking Gaia page. Check it out, and leave comments.

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