I’m Bad at Blogging/Here’s to the Future

Throughout college, professors loved telling me what a good writer I was. Or maybe they hated it, but begrudgingly told me so regardless. Back then I believed it. These days, it’s questionable, but I still think I’ve got some spice with words all the same. Good writer or not, I am, without doubt, a slow writer. For some things that’s probably okay, but I don’t think it makes for a particularly engaging blog. This is probably why my visitors remain at a consistent two per month. To those two people, I’d just like to say: 1) thanks for the support, and 2) what is wrong with you?

Frankly, I’ve been busy. Not so busy that I couldn’t have written a blurb here or there, but I’m really more of a storyteller than a blogger, anyway—so it’s easy to put this ole’ site aside. Nevertheless, I’m trying to do better, so I’ll write this one quickly (maybe I won’t even edit!) to get this ball rolling again. It’s been a couple of months since my last post, so here’s an update on what I’ve been doing, where I’m at, and what life-thoughts have been going through my head-brain.

I just finished a 10-week training at the Lifton Institute of Media Arts & Sciences, with a focus on camera, grip, and lighting. So, if anyone needs anything gripped, lit, or camera’d, give me a shout, yeah?

Part two of  Waking Gaia’s pilot is nearing completion. I don’t really know what that means, but I think it’s true. We’re 28 pages in. There comes a point when editing goes reeeeally slowly. We’re at that point. Once it’s done, I’ll lay this series to rest for good—or another year at least.

I’m eager to start revising Pactum Demonik—though, the series title is sure to change at this point. I’ve got most of the outline done for the revisions, and the story has completely metamorphosed. I really dig it. The plan is to triple-polish the pilot, then pitch it to Amazon. I recently met some amazing animators, so I’m hoping to get some character designs made soon. I’ll keep you posted.

At the end of February I started living out of my car. Last week I bought an ice chest.

Well, that’s about it for now. I’m really going to try to post more frequently. Once a week at least. I’d hate to keep my two fans in the dark.

Ta-ta for now.

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