Just Joey Hundred

an animated series

The nefarious DOCTOR ABOMINABLE has found the dimensional nexus—gateway between the one-hundred parallel universes. Only the one-hundred versions of boy wonder SUPER JOEY can stop his multi-dimensional conquest—each Super Joey armed with a unique power.

But sometimes good guys lose. The opening moments of our pilot showcase the nefarious doctor’s triumph over Super Joeys 1–99, leaving one final realm to conquer, and one final hope for the forces of justice: JOEY HUNDRED—a less-than-average tween with no powers at all—unless flunking exams counts. It should be an easy final victory for Doctor Abominable, but the clueless Joey Hundred always seems to foil his plans through sheer dumb luck. Our series depicts the repeated attempts by Doctor Abominable to claim his final victory—and his last-minute losses to the world’s biggest dope — uh, that is, only hope: Just Joey Hundred.

“Just Joey Hundred” was a semi-finalist in the half-hour comedy category of tvwriter.com’s 2018 People’s Pilot contest.


Doctor Abominable: The nefarious meaney

Joey Hundred: The dopey tweeney

Brian: The brain

Jane: The engineer